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The Time Has Come To Unite and Fight for Our Future

In Canada our liberty relies upon a fair and liberal democracy with the requirement of fair elections and political accountability. Canadians have the right to a free market economy, with the ideal of no taxation without fair representation. During the COVID era tyranny has been imposed, the rule of law has been infringed, and our freedom has been stripped by federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Canada has been taken over by an elected dictatorship, and there appears to be no end in sight. It is up to Canadians to create a future strong and free. We must unite and fight for our way of life, and the restoration of civil democracy.

Our objectives

education democracy political accountability men women and children
Educate Men, Women, and Children

A primary goal of our initiative is to give men, women, and children information, show them research, and expose them to expert interviews to equip and empower them to take back our nation.

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liberty freedom lawful
Restore Liberty

If Canada is a country worth living in, then it is a country worth fighting for. Liberty is so fundamental to a democratic society, that without it every human dignity is stripped. Let's work together to expose evil and free our nation from the tyrannical dictates of a very small elite minority.

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provincial constitutions
Provincial Constitutions

In Canada, as hard as it is for many to believe, we are actually a nation without a constitution. This is the reason politicians have been able to get away with destroying our economy, our democratic institutions, and our liberty with little to no recourse.

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